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Below are some of the game products that Chief Creative Officer, Bill Davis was responsible for over the years. He's not alone, many of Mother's key team members worked alongside Bill on these games.

Note the diversity of the game genres and game art styles across the group. This illustrates a point. 2D, 3D, realistic, highly stylized or the bold flat vector color of Flash, Mother has extensive experience creating all types of game art.

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Clue Drop Image
Jewel Quest 6, The Sapphire DragonJojo's World Tour Mobile Image
Jewel Quest Mobile ImageJewel Quest Mysteries MobileJewel Quest Mysteries 3 ImageJewel Quest 5, The Sleepless Star
Party Resort, FacebookFamily Feud, FacebookJojo's Fashion Show, World TourJewel Quest Mysteries 2
Jewel Quest Heritage ImageJewel Quest Challenge, FaceBookFamily Feud, Battle of the Sexes
Solitaire Twist Mobile ImageP. J. Pride Pet Detective, Destination: EuropeJewel Quest Solitaire 3Obsidian
Rocket JockeyThe Space BarGabriel KnightKing's Quest 6, Heir Today, Gone TomorrowQuest for Glory III
Slater & Charlie Go CampingCastle of Dr. BrainEcoQuest 2Pepper's Adventures in Timegames/
Daryl F. Gates, Police Quest, Open SeasonConquest of the LongbowLaura Bow, The Dagger of Amon RaQuest for Glory IILeisure Suit Larry 5
Island of Dr. BrainMixed-Up Fairy TalesPolice Quest 3Space Quest 4Hoyles Book of Games 3
Eco QuestLeisure Suit LarrySpace Quest 1Police Quest 1King's Quest V
Mixed-Up Mother GooseJones in the Fast Lane ImageOilswellThe Sierra Network (The Imagination Network)
Conquest of CamelotHero's QuestThe Colonel's Bequest Image